Strippers & Dancers

Dear Oh Ladies,

My man is constantly going to the strip club with his friends. He blows through hundreds of dollars and feel as if it’s okay. I even found one of the dancers number in his phone one time. He claims that it’s just what men do. How should I handle this?

Anti Stripper

Q: Is it okay for men to go to the strip club? How much money should they spend?

A: Anti Stripper,

This is a decision for couples to make together. Some people are okay with it, and some aren’t having it. Going to the strip club isn’t the problem. It’s what goes down while there that can cause chaos in the household. I don’t agree with spending all of the money on strippers, but it is a job. If you don’t want your man to engage in those type of activities, then express that to him. You both will have to work out what’s considered, “okay,” in the relationship. Once you both come to an agreement, you’ll be able to move forward from there. 

Until next time, OhLadies!


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