Opposite Sex Friendships

Q: Are you okay with your mate having friends of the opposite sex? Why/ Why not?



Q: If I engaged in oral sex only, is that still cheating? Does oral sex rank the same as “normal” sex? Why/ why not?                                                                                              


Dear OhLadies,

I was in a relationship for 3 years and it broke off about a year and I’ve just started dating again a few months ago. As soon as I got back out there he came back with the “I want my family back” move and I believed him and gave him a second chance. At first it really seemed he was interested but now it’s just like when me and him first broke up he barely wants to talk to me but he wants to control me. But I’m not letting him this time. But that’s not the question at hand, even though we were suppose to be working on us I have still been seeing other people but I use to feel guilty, but the only reason I did because I had a feeling he would act the way he is acting now…distant and a lost of interest. Am I wrong for continuing these other romances? Or Should I be faithful to a man I’m not with?

Torn in between

Q: Am I wrong for continuing outside romances if I agreed to re-enter a relationship?

A: Torn-In-Between

I definitely believe that honesty trumps all. If you agreed to give the relationship another shot, then that should be your focus. As time passes and you notice things going sour, you have to be woman enough to address the issues and state your needs. If you don’t see the change that you both agreed on, then that’s when it’s time to make moves. Sneaking and creeping will not solve the problem.

Until next time, OhLadies!